ROSTR is a web/mobile app specifically designed for high school athletes. By partnering with industry leaders in each sport, ROSTR will lead every athlete through the process of becoming a better athlete and becoming a better teammate all while working towards making a college roster. By assembling a technology team with a track record of expanding what is currently thought to be possible, ROSTR will make this process faster, more engaging and more fun than ever before. Simply put, ROSTR is going to change the way that high school athletes and college scouts find each other and interact. So, imagine every other recruiting service in the market today. Now imagine that there was one that was actually honest, credible, extremely affordable and fun to use. That's ROSTR.


the team


founder/chief advisor

Pete is a serial entrepreneur having worked within the startup space since 2009. He has founded and co-founded two startups: PR'UF and Aurora. Aurora launched during 2013's One Spark festival and was ranked in the top 30 creators and has been downloaded over 30k times. He also served as the COO and President of Path.To before dissolving the organization within Adecco's innovation lab known as Ignite. Pete was voted one of the top 50 Tech Innovators and Influencers in Northeast Florida in 2013.


cto/product design

Angel is the CEO and Founder of The Logica, a development studio that focuses on solutions for mobile and web applications. With a strong background in Technology, Design and Marketing, he has architected platforms with multiple FORTUNE 500 Companies including engaging social platforms, digital media products and mobile applications.

chip lynn

coo/chief legal officer

Chip is an attorney with experience ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500 level. He has represented clients in a wide variety of legal actions, including recently defending and settling for $60,000 an intellectual property case that topped $42MM. In his glory days, he was 1st Team All Conference, a 2002 Regional McDonald's All-Star (baseball), and was aggressively scouted by Division 1 universities.


Unlike anything out there today, ROSTR will not stop with high school athletes. We are aware that it takes a village.


There are a few things that we know for sure. We know that every year your roster changes, we know that your athletes need to make the grades, that you probably have tests to grade on top of preparing for the upcoming game. ROSTR is developing an app for you as well that will streamline your coaching life and aid in the monitoring and development of your team.


You're behind your child more than anyone and want the absolute best for them. So do we. ROSTR is taking systematic steps to design a program that keeps your child's education, athletic development and health as its top priorities. We aim to gain your trust prior to gaining your business.


So many highlight reels, so little time. There are extremely talented athletes out there that you may never be exposed to based on limited time, resources and geography. These are limitations that you should not be faced with in this age of technology, and because of ROSTR, you won't be faced with them for long.